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  • Greatest Hyperbole

    Hyperbole is my most favorite thing in all the world.  It is also unquestionably the most frequently used, and the most frequently misused. Only the most important people in my life use hyperbole.   They never abuse this privilege.  (I wrote this while Marc Hoffman was teaching me how to enter a blogpost.  Hence, its […]

  • Einstein and Your GPS

    Bob and I have been enjoying the Oct. 17, 2015 issue of Science News magazine, which contains an article about how well Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity seems to be holding up. Very well, indeed, as it turns out. Much of the Theory is way beyond me, especially the math, but there are some concepts that […]

  • Interview at Cornish College of the Arts

    Interview at Cornish College of the Arts

    I taught songwriting at Cornish College of the Arts from Autumn 2004 – May 2012. In 2004, the school asked for an interview to post with the announcement of my hiring. I just stumbled across it, and felt that it makes a good introduction if you’ve never met me before, so I’m posting it as […]