Family Holiday: Every family has issues. Here, set to the traditional melody for “The Riddle Song,” is Linda’s song of a family’s tribulations at holiday time. Performed at a house concert in Duvall, Washington, on June 13, 2015. Special thanks to Vaun Raymond for videotaping and editing this YouTube.


Pride and Prejudice: Here’s a video of a song Linda wrote for a Bushwick Club concert, for which a group of songwriters were tasked with writing songs based on Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice. Austen wrote in a period when women were relegated to second-class status, and she was unconventionally and courageously outspoken about the unfairness women faced.


The Way of Beauty: Based on a track from Linda’s 2009 CD Welcome to the Dark, this video was produced by Greg Pecknold and Kyle Carver.


Flying Time: Based on the title track from Flying Time (Trout 1994), this slide show features the nature photography of our webmaster, Marc Hoffman (