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Linda Waterfall, Conway Muse, Nov. 6, 2015

Linda Waterfall, Conway Muse, Nov. 6, 2015

Through the beauty and generous sharing of her music, and through the kind of person she was, Linda created a wide network of friends and fans.
As part of honoring Linda and that network, we welcome you to create or reply to comments in the Comments area farther down this page. You can also upload images as part of the comment process.

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  1. Marc Hoffman

    It has been over three weeks since Linda passed away. But to me it feels like just a few days, and I’ve been wondering why. Although Linda had a side to her that was very down-to-earth, she also seemed to live a lot in another world, one that most people are not so familiar with. Remembering our experiences as friends and colleagues, I feel myself slip into that other world, where time slows down and everything just is as it is.

  2. Marc Hoffman

    In this photo shoot, Linda switched costume from red to blue. Although she ended up using the red shots more, I always liked the way the blue brought out her slatey-blue eyes.


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